A new nomination process is underway at the University of Buckingham Student Union elections after three terms of uncontested results.

The body has asked for all individuals and parties who think they may have the potential to sign up to lead the independently-run body.

The past three electoral terms have gone uncontested and many positions have been filled by the single individuals who have volunteered, Buckingham News understands.

In an attempt to revitalise the system, the Student union has made significant changes to the process.

Student Union Vice President, Robert Tyler said: “We re-wrote the constitution in order to make it easier for people to stand.”

Previously, the student body would vote for a presidential candidate and, by default, their party members.

Mr Tyler added that with so few students putting their names forward for election there was often difficulty forming one party.

Current student union vice president, Robert Tyler

This year, individual students are able to run for positions without being part of an already established party.

Elections will take place on August 24, in the student union executive room on the first floor of the Old Tawnlaw Mill.

This report was prepared by the journalism students of the University of Buckingham as part of a joint venture with getbucks.

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