Zookeepers got themselves into a flap on Tuesday (May 16) after a stork escaped from Whipsnade Zoo and settled on a Chesham rooftop.

The bird, which zookeepers identified as Maggie, escaped on Tuesday morning as she was being transferred from a transport crate to a demonstration arena.

Maggie travelled for 15 miles before settling in the Bucks town overnight.

Luckily Maggie flew at off-beak times and missed the traffic

However, zookeepers were not far behind her and managed to lure her down from the rooftop on Wednesday afternoon (May 17).

Maggie’s journey to Chesham baffled local residents and many stopped to stare at the newest addition to the town’s skyline.

Malcolm Parfitt, who snapped the stork on camera, said: “I noticed it because one of the local gulls seemed to have taken exception to its presence.”

It's unclear feather the bird enjoyed her stay in Chesham

According to ZSL spokesman Jake Kendall-Ashton, zookeepers tracked her throughout and came to the county to take her home.

Mr Kendall-Ashton said: “I can confirm that our zookeepers successfully retrieved the white stork yesterday from Chesham.

“Our keepers constantly tracked the bird using her familiar training whistles and her favourite foods to lure her down.

“She’s back safe at home now in the usual enclosure, probably wondering what happened.”