The M40 has reopened following explosions that rocked the county last night (Thursday September 21).

But motorists face even more traffic chaos as one lane will stay closed until tomorrow (Friday September 23), southbound between junctions 2 and 1A.

Highways England advise drivers to plan ahead and find alternate routs.

A 96 tonne crane caught fire after a huge spillage of hydraulic fluid, with the blasts heard across Bucks .

35 firefighters, Highways England and Thames Valley Police all raced to the motorway overnight to battle the intense blaze which engulfed the busy motorway overnight.

A spokesperson from Bucks Fire and Rescue said the lane was very badly damaged from exploded fuel tanks.

They said nearby residents were concerned because they could see something going on and could see smoke.

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Shocked onlookers described loud bangs and huge explosions, and many have said they felt it shaking their house.

On the getbucks Facebook page, Dione Maguire said: "We heard five massive explosions, that shook all the windows of our house and terrified the kids.

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"The last explosion, we had an up stairs window open and the blast hurt our ears so much they were still sore 45 mins later.

"Very frightening."

Shanice, @Shanice_xo, took a video of the flames, and said: "We heard a loud bang, our house shook 100 foot flames and so we went to go see a crane has exploded but not sure about center."

And TV presenter Gethin Jones said that he saw 'terrible explosions' on the M40.

A specialist lifting team removed the crane from lane one and the hard shoulder earlier this morning but the closure remains in place while debris is cleared.

The fire caused serious damage to the road surface and will be resurfaced tonight.

Road users are advised to plan ahead as delays are anticipated on the approach to the lane closure.

Highways England said lane two will be shut from 10pm to resurface the road.