Buckinghamshire has returned a huge win for the Conservative Party at the county council elections.

In an election that threw up few surprises, the Tories won a landslide 41 seats, consisting of more than half the overall percentage vote share.

Their nearest rival party, the Liberal Democrats, lost one seat overall, receiving just over 20% of the votes.

Calculated by vote share, Labour beat UKIP into fourth place in a result that has mirrored the trend nationally which has seen the right-wing party all but wiped out.

UKIP won six seats in 2013 but the five remaining candidates lost out, having had one of their councillors previously defect to the Conservatives as well.

The Labour Party did lose Robin Stuchbury, who narrowly missed out on Buckingham West to the Conservative candidate Charlie Clare.

But in one shock result, Zahir Mohammed - the incumbent Tory cabinet member for education - lost his seat to Labour.

Majid Hussain is now Labour's sole representative on the council, representing Booker, Cressex and Castlefield, having narrowly beaten Mr Mohammed by 1608 votes to 1597.

Three independent councillors have been elected - Julia Wassell winning Ryemead and Micklefield, Chaudhary Ditta winning Totteridge and Bowerdean - both standing for East Wycombe Independents - and Darren Hayday winning West Wycombe.

The Conservatives won 13 seats in Aylesbury Vale and the Lib Dems took four. No other party won a seat in that district. The turnout was 35%.

In Wycombe District, the Tories won 12 seats, Independents won three and Labour won one. The turnout was 34.49%.

The Tories won every single seat available in the Chiltern and South Bucks districts, so overall the Conservatives have gained five seats since 2013, UKIP lost all of theirs, the Liberal Democrats lost one and East Wycombe Independent won one.

  • Conservative: 41 seats
  • Liberal Democrat: 4
  • East Wycombe Independent: 2
  • Labour: 1
  • Independent: 1
  • Beaconsfield
    Peter Jeffrey Chapman, Lib Dem, 424
    Tim Scott, UKIP, 175
    Nigel Paul Vickery, Labour, 179
    Alan Martin Walters, Conservative, 1828
  • Cliveden
    Alexa Anne Collins, Labour, 309
    Dev Dhillon, Conservative, 1215
    Edwina Jane Glover, Independent, 249
    Graham Geoffrey Smith, UKIP, 160
    Jane Wallis, Lib Dems, 325
  • Denham
    John Edward Shearme, UKIP, 267
    Charlotte Louise Hall, Labour, 156
    Andres Simon Milburn, Lib Dems, 292
    Roger William Reed, Conservative, 1208
    Robert Michael Smith, Green Party, 151
  • Farnham Common and Burnham Beeches
    Susan Ann Fagan, UKIP, 140
    Lin Hazell, Conservative, 1476
    Carol Lesley Linton, Lib Dems, 463
    Janet Violet Sjogren, Labour, 149
  • Gerrards Cross
    Christopher Stuart Brown, Independent, 584
    Barbara Lynn Gibbs, Conservative, 1221
    Diane Margaret Holden, Lib Dems, 201
    Michael Anthony Kavanagh, Labour, 126
  • Iver
    Paul Dreelan, UKIP, 126
    Richard James Griggs, Labour, 246
    Jeff Herschel, Lib Dems, 108
    Luisa Katherine Sullivan, Conservative, 1357
    Leigh Martin Tugwood, Green Party, 353
  • Stoke Poges and Wexham
    Ralph Bagge, Conservative, 1512
    Rory Andrew Nosworthy, Labour, 216
    Karen Perez, UKIP, 278
    Christopher Francis Woolley, Lib Dems, 205
  • Amersham and Chesham Bois
    Walid Marzouk, Lib Dems, 844
    Alexander Damien Rhys, Labour, 259
    Freda Margaret Stevens, UKIP, 129
    Gareth David Williams, Conservative, 1763
  • Chalfont St Giles
    Sally Elizabeth Ash, Lib Dems, 623
    Timothy Richard Butcher, Conservatives, 1778
    David George Meacock, UKIP - Scrap HS2, 230
    Tim Starkey, Labour, 169
    Philip John Wall, Green Party, 121
  • Chalfont St Peter
    Julian Darley, Labour, 149
    Daniel Paul Gallagher, Lib Dems, 555
    Andrew John Glen, UKIP - Scrap HS2, 138
    David Martin, Conservative, 2009
  • Chesham
    Graham Simon, Labour, 668
    Frances Catherine Kneller, Lib Dems, 526
    Richard George Ness, UKIP, 121
    Mark Shaw, Conservative, 1704
  • Chess Valley
    Noel Brown, Conservative, 1557
    Joy Kirby, Lib Dems, 682
    Timothy Matthews, UKIP - Scrap HS2, 130
    North Pyper, Labour, 388
    Gillian Walker, Green Party, 221
  • Chiltern Ridges
    Patricia Birchley, Conservative, 1815
    Alan Booth, Green Party, 175
    Mohammad Fayyaz, Lib Dems, 1232
    Barbara Hunter, Labour, 244
    Richard Phoenix, UKIP - Scrap HS2, 175
  • Great Missenden
    Jennifer Brazil, Green Party, 275
    Benjamin Davies, Labour, 231
    Ruth Juett, Lib Dems, 512
    Peter Martin, Conservative, 1974
    Alan Stevens, UKIP - Scrap HS2, 151
  • Great Missenden District Ward
    Ann Brazil, Green Party, 163
    Vanessa Martin, Conservative, 416
    Alan Stevens, UKIP, 26
    Ruth Chenoweth, Lib Dems, 175
  • Little Chalfont and Amersham Common
    Christopher Cooke, UKIP - Scrap HS2, 177
    Sue Jordan, Lib Dems, 675
    Susan Procter, Labour, 302
    Martin Tett, Conservative, 1762
  • Penn Wood and Old Amersham
    Isobel Darby, Conservative, 2247
    Liam Noble, UKIP, 178
    Ruth Werbiski, Labour, 229
    Richard Williams, Lib Dems, 570