Watch the moment Buckingham's MP, John Bercow makes an impassioned tribute to MP Jo Cox as the House of Commons is recalled to pay tribute to the Labour politician who was shot last week.

The Speaker of the House kicked-off the tributes on Monday, June 20, as members from all sides of the political divide come together to remember their murdered colleague.

A single white rose will be placed on the House of Commons seat left empty for the mum-of-two.

The speaker added his voice before handing over the tributes to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Mrs Cox’s husband Brendan, and their two young children are in the public gallery above the House of Commons to hear the tributes.

Speaker John Bercow said: “We meet today in heartbreaking sadness, but also in heartfelt solidarity.

“Any death in such awful circumstances is an outrage and a tragedy. Yet this death, in this manner, of this person, our democratically elected colleague Jo Cox, is particularly shocking and repugnant.

“All of us who came to know Jo in her all to short service in this house became swiftly aware of her outstanding qualities. She was caring, eloquent, principled and wise. Above all she was filled with and fuelled by love for humanity."