THE family of cervical cancer victim Jen Goodridge marked the first birthday since her death by scattering her ashes under a tree she planted when she was a toddler.

The 24-year old died after a long battle with the disease in August last year and her lasting wish was for awareness to be raised about the cancer.

The family of the former Dr Challoner's High School pupil travelled to a spot near Kingston in Surrey to fulfil Jen's rest place wishes on Monday (January 31).

Jen's mum, Judy Sidebottom, said: "We travelled down to a special place for Jen, she helped the local mayor plant a tree there when she was two.

"So at sunset we scattered her ashes and left some roses and a birthday card - it would have been a landmark birthday for her (25), so we thought it would be symbolic to do it then."

Following Jen's death, the Advertiser launched Jen's Final Wish campaign to raise awareness about the HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine programme, which protects against the two most common types of HPV which cause over 70 per cent of cervical cancer.

NHS Bucks said: "Uptake of three doses of the vaccine in the last school year across Buckinghamshire was 79.9 per cent which was very positive.

"The programme for this year is still running so we cannot comment on exact figures but uptake is very good."

Judy added: "This is really good news if the uptake has been very positive, we need to get it up even higher now."

On the importance of the vaccine, NHS Bucks added: "The one thing parents can do to help protect their daughters against the devastating effects of cervical cancer is to encourage and support them to receive the vaccine.

"We support the Jen’s Final Wish campaign, and we are sure that the important message it is sending out about the importance of the HPV vaccination is making an impact."

A report recently revealed take up of the HPV vaccine among 12 and 13 year old girls in England is among the best in the world - 84 per cent have received all three jabs, which is double the uptake in the US.

More information on the vaccine can be found at:

Photo: Jen's husband Tony, brother David Sidebottom and mum Judy Sidebottom