One of the biggest and proudest days in the history of English football was winning the 1966 World Cup.

A team, captained by Bobby Moore, beat West Germany 4-2 thanks to a Geoff Hurst hat-trick in front of a Wembley crowd of nearly 100,000.

That team has so far become the only English one to have lifted the famous trophy.

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of that win and The FA will be celebrating this with a number of high profile events and activities to recognise the achievement.

Keith Young, from Chalfont St Peter, has designed the official logo of the 50th anniversary of England winning the 1966 World Cup

But a celebration needs an identity to get behind, a symbol to signify an iconic moment, and a Chalfont St Peter man has been asked to design just that.

Keith Young, 59, of Cherrytree Lane, has created the official anniversary logo to celebrate winning the World Cup 50 years ago.

Mr Young, who has lived in the village for 30 years, said he is very proud to have achieved this honour.

“To be asked to create the logo which celebrates the only time England have lifted the World Cup makes me quite emotional,” he said. “People of my age remember where they were that day.

“We listened to it on radio – I remember it very vividly.

“To create something that celebrates this anniversary is fantastic for me and quite a great honour.”

Mr Young, who is originally from Acton, London, added: “There’s this double edged sword that says ‘let’s celebrate’ but one the other hand you could say we have under performed for 50 years.”

Describing the idea behind the logo he said: “It really needs to be a brand mark that I felt people should look at and say, ‘it’s been 50 years since we did anything’.

“The idea that I scribbled was to put ’66 - people don’t talk about 1966, they talk about the ’66 World Cup.”

He added: “It’s the day our team won the World Cup and it’s happened once, and to have created this from a small little room in Chalfont St Peter is quite incredible.”

Married grandfather of two Mr Young said the anniversary logo had ‘longevity’.

“I’m hoping that this will become a brandmark,” he said and added: “England ’66 never has to change.

“The core of it is England ’66 – that to my mind is what it is. There should never be an update to it.

“Even if it’s the 60th anniversary it will always be England ’ 66.”

Keith Young, from Chalfont St Peter, has designed the official logo of the 50th anniversary of England winning the 1966 World Cup

But this is not Mr Young’s, who is now semi-retired, first foray into the world of football design.

Back in the early 1990s he was to create the now world famous Champions League logo – which has not changed for 25 years – and the ball design.

He said: “As a football fan it’s fantastic. I have to pinch myself at times – the places that I’ve been to and the things that I’ve done.

“I’ve followed Manchester United out onto the pitch at Barcelona, shared a helicopter with Victoria Beckham, I’ve been at the presentations of cups with presidents.”

He said of his life: “Some of the things I’ve done and seen – you can’t buy the ticket. There are fantastic things I’ve done.

“Will it happen again? I don’t think so, but memories will last forever. Mobiles weren’t around at the time. When you’re doing it you think it will never stop but of course it does.”