Schools in Chesham and Amersham would each be on average £28,000 worse off under the Conservatives, according to the National Union of Teachers.

Their recently published statistics suggest each pupil in the constituency would receive £90 less funding if the Tories succeed in next week's General Election, with an overall funding change of -2%.

They also suggest that, due to said cuts in funding, each school in Chesham and Amersham will lose an average of £28,465 by 2021/22.

A spokesperson for the NUT said that, although some funding has been pledged towards education, an overall reduction will be clear.

They said: “The Conservative manifesto commitment will mean £1billion funding for schools, which would result in an £8.9billion real terms cut, when taking into account inflation and growing pupil numbers between now and 2021/22.

“The pledged £1billion would not, in any case, be new money, it is to be funded by cutting infant school free meals and other spending commitments.”

One of the worse affected schools in the area, according to the NUT, would be Chiltern Hills Academy, which would experience a change of -£154,079 between 2015/16 to 2021/22.

They also suggest some schools could face severe funding cuts under the Liberal Democrats, with Woodside Junior School predicted a -£101,133 change in the same period.

However, under the Lib Dems, NUT suggests schools such as Chalfonts Community College would benefit from up to 11 extra teachers.

Shown in a more positive light is Labour, which is predicted to give £195 more per pupil, an increase of 5%, with schools receiving an average extra of £61,636 of funding.

Annette Pryce, Bucks Secretary of the NUT, said the local electorate needed to be aware of each party's stance on education.

"Every parent needs to know what the parties are planning to invest in education and candidates should be held to account for their parties' stance," she said.

“Without sufficient funds schools will be forced to drop subjects from the curriculum, and there is evidence of this already happening in Buckinghamshire - increased class sizes or offering less individual attention to pupils.

“I urge everyone to vote for education"

Cheryl Gillan is the longest serving female Conservative MP

Cheryl Gillan, Conservative candidate for Chesham and Amersham and MP in the area since 1992, responded to the NUT.

She said: “School funding has always been an issue particularly in Bucks where we have 7 out of the 10 lowest funded schools in the country.

"We cannot know what the final outcome will be as the Government consultation process on funding is not completed.

"Only last month Councillor Zahir Mohammed informed me that, subject to any changes resulting from any Government response to the second Consultation, Bucks schools overall will gain when the new scheme is implemented and will receive an additional £10m approximately annually.

"This is on top of the £18m per year that has already been baselined in the past two years. I understand about 85% of all Bucks schools will gain from the changes in funding.

"On average, Buckinghamshire 180 primary schools will gain about £25k per year and our 35 secondary schools will gain about £155k per year, although some will earn more."