It is gratifying to see that Martin Tett, leader of the Bucks County Council, has not lost his zest for the campaign against HS2!

I look forward to his resignation from the Conservative Party as well as that of many members of the Council, so many Chilterns residents having already shown the way.

He has stated his views very clearly: the business case is now worse than before, the mitigation announced last month (and endorsed by our erstwhile MP) has worsened the impact for many, and the consultation process was a scandal!

He also drew attention to the years of chaos at Euston if this project is ever goes ahead, a factor that Network Rail has not yet announced to the regular punters at the station. (I have still to understand how and why future passengers from Europe will have to make their own way between Kings Cross and Euston!)

To see everyone working together is a really positive aspect of this campaign.

It is especially imperative that we, the action groups, raise sufficient money to force the government into the law courts.

This is a costly business but community and democracy have to take precedence over cost! We must remember that we are fighting to protect The Chilterns for future generations as well as for common sense and against such appalling waste.

Let’s keep up the good work!