A CAMPAIGNING cyclist is keeping a video log of bad drivers and dangerous roads in a bid to improve safety.

John Somers, who lives in Wentworth Place, in Chesham, rides to work in Northolt every day – a return journey of 40 miles.

Following two serious accidents in the past five years, the 45-year-old has resorted to cycling with a mobile camera strapped to his helmet after becoming increasingly fed up with his treatment on the roads.

He said: “My biggest for a long time has been the state of the roads in Chesham, Amersham, High Wycombe and Aylesbury.

“With motorists, yes they have to deal with the potholes too and it may damage their car, but they are surrounded by metal and it is unlikely to injure them.

“If a cyclist, going at a moderate speed, hits a pothole, they could quite easily go under the wheels of a car – it doesn’t take much.”

He added: “I keep all the videos which show bad driving or the bad state of the roads and if something needs to be flagged up I do it.

“I’ve reported a couple of drivers to the police and said I can provide evidence, but it hasn’t come to this yet.

“There have been near-misses and I’ve nearly been badly injured – it’s a serious issue and it’s not just drivers in Chesham, it’s drivers all over.”

Mr Somers has also called on cyclists and drivers to work together to make the roads safer.

“Some drivers look but don’t see – if they spent another five or 10 seconds just double-checking, like the advert ‘think bike’, the roads would be much safer.

“It’s important cyclists do all they can to help, you have to ask ‘how can I make things safer?’ I wear high-visibility clothing and have flashing lights even during the daylight.

“We need to work together to improve road safety with better driving and roads – nobody wants to see anyone get killed.”

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