Harmondsworth is still under threat from Heathrow Airport expansion this morning, writes Alan Hayes .

The Davies Commission report into airport capacity in the south-east of England, which released its interim report at 7am, has chosen a new north-west runway as one of its three preferred options.

The other two options are a longer northern runway at the airport – up to 6,000m – and a second runway at Gatwick Airport.

Interestingly, the commission, headed by Sir Howard Davies, has not ruled out altogether the 'Boris Island' scheme in the Thames Estuary, and will revisit that before the end of 2014. The commission's full report is not expected for another two years.

The limbo for the Heathrow Villages continues, therefore, but it is clearer today which way the commission is thinking.

The north-west option, were it taken, would be to the west of the original third runway proposal that would have wiped out the village of Sipson, but would still impact the area greatly and will be scant comfort to people living in that area, who might not lose their home but would have aircraft landing and taking off directly overhead.

For Harmondsworth it would be a disaster: the village would effectively cease to exist.

More later