DOMINIC Grieve , MP for Beaconsfield, must give up his second home in Marlow and commute to the constituency from his London home if he is re-elected, following changes in the rules on expenses published yesterday.

Mr Grieve currently rents a cottage in Temple, Marlow, for use while working in the constituency.

From the start of the next parliament, if he is returned to the seat, he will either have to return to his West Kensington home after constituency business, or stay in a hotel and foot the bill from his own pocket.

Under the new rules published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority on Monday MPs may only rent a second home if the constituency is at least 20 miles from Westminster or 60 minutes away by train.

Mr Grieve has already given notice to his landlord having told the Advertiser last summer that he planned to downsize to a one bedroom flat, because his sons, aged 14 and 15, no longer accompany him to the cottage while he works at weekends, as they prefer to stay in London.

He said: "That will now be impossible, I can live with that, but it will mean a lot of commuting, especially when I have a late night meeting in the constituency followed by an early morning meeting the next day.

"I'm not going to complain. IPSA has a difficult task, and there is public disquiet about allowances. I'm going to have to change the pattern of my work."

He said he had considered moving his family out to live in the constituency, but rejected that idea.

"I often don't leave the House of Commons until 11pm and I wouldn't want to commute out at that time. For example the house is sitting beyond midnight tonight, so under the new rules I'm not sure how the Mps who live in places like Wycombe are supposed to get home."

He said: "The reality of being an MP requires me to dip into my own pocket for all sorts of things."

Asked whether he would be visiting the constituency less he said "I hope not, I don't think that will happen."