The South Bucks branch of the RSPCA has called for people who seriously want to give a pet a home as they continue their good work to rehome abandoned pets this Christmas.

This year the South Bucks branch of the RSPCA has rehomed almost 500 animals, thanks in part to readers of the People and Pets column printed each week in the Buckinghamshire Advertiser and Examiner.

But there are still more than 100 animals that need rehoming, including 53 rabbits, five guinea pigs, eight hamsters, 11 rats, eight gerbils, 15 cats and 16 dogs.

Christmas is not the ideal time to rehome a new pet and during the festive season of 2007 the RSPCA reportered more than 50 doags and cats were abandoned every day.

In January the situation gets worse - in the first four days of 2008 the RSPCA in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire alone took in 35 abandoned and rescued animals including a young cat dumped in a box, 12 week puppy tied to lamp post, two gerbils found in a box, 15 rabbits dumped in a wood and 16 gerbils found wandering.

Then in March many young pets are abandoned after the initial thrill has worn off.

But if there are people who are serious about getting, and keeping, a new pet for Christmas, then the RSPCA has animals all eager for a good home.

Monty was found with his front leg caught in his collar, after a visit to the vet he is now on the mend. He is a very friendly 6 year old male.

Tilly the cat (pictured here when rescued by the RSPCA) was also left abandoned by her owners.

Jessica a three-year-old German Shepherd and Lavender a four-year-old Labrador were handed in, their owner in tears at having to give them up and they must go together.

Penny and Dusty 2 year old female Lionheads. Neutered, very friendly girls who are always getting into mischief and would be ideal for children.

As well as people to adopt the animals, the RSPCA needs volunteers to man the phones, visit homes or work in one of the four shops. There is also a need to foster animals.

If you would like to adopt or foster then Phone 0845 3707526 or visit .