THE MP for Amersham and Chesham added hope to the campaign against new housing in Chalfont St Peter after promising that a Conservative victory at the general election would see the controversial plans scrapped.

The Labour government has imposed housing demands on Chiltern District Council that could lead to hundreds of new homes being built in Chalfont St Peter.

The historical Holy Cross site and Newlands Park are the most likely locations for building, causing a great deal of concern in the village.

During a public meeting held at The Chalfonts Community College on Saturday, Cheryl Gillan talked with residents about their fears and told them that things would change if her party won the general election.

She said: "A Conservative government would abolish the regional spatial strategies, the regional planning bodies, along with the national and regional building targets.

"Local authorities like Chiltern District Council would then be able to review their local development frameworks to undo unwanted planning policies which have been placed on them.

"The Labour government has pushed local councils into going ahead with

core strategies to enshrine what some have described as the controversial elements demanded by the regional spacial strategies. Alongside this there has been a veiled threat of cutting central funding to councils if they do not fall into line."

Mrs Gillan said a Conservative government would allow councils to determine matters such as the density of housing and what constitutes affordable housing.

Hundreds of people attended the meeting to make their feelings known. Mrs Gillan's comments are being seen as a further boost to the cause, and campaigners are more hopeful than ever that building plans for the village will be scaled down, or scrapped completely.