Bucks will head to the polls on June 8 to vote for their new MPs after the Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap General Election .

Mrs May made the announcement on April 18, claiming a General Election was vital to serving Britain's best interests in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

A General Election wasn't due until 2020 after David Cameron was re-elected Prime Minister in May 2015, when the Conservative Party also took a majority in Parliament.

However, Mr Cameron's support for the doomed Remain campaign saw him resign last June, with Mrs May appointed his successor.

And capitalising on a perceived weakness among the other major parties nationally, Mrs May is hoping to cement her position ahead of negotiating Britain's exit from the European Union .

The deadline for candidacy in the June 8 poll came and went on Thursday (May 11), after which no further candidates can put their name forward.

So here are the five contenders hoping to become the next MP for Beaconsfield. The seat is currently held by Dominic Grieve, who has been MP for Beaconsfield since May 1997.

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Dominic Grieve (Conservative Party)

Current Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve, who is standing again in the General Election

Dominic Grieve has been the Conservative MP for Beaconsfield since 1997.

The trained QC served as Attorney General from May 2010 to July 2014 and took an anti-Brexit stance in last year's referendum.

He welcomed Mrs May's decision to hold the General Election, saying she was right to announce it "given the complexity of the risk associated with Brexit."

In a message to his constituents before Parliament was dissolved he wrote: "I accept the result of the 2016 Referendum.

"I therefore strongly support the Prime Minister’s determination to secure a negotiated arrangement for leaving the EU and for forging a new trading relationship for the future, providing certainty for trade and business whilst giving us control of migration and releasing us from the direct effect of EU Law.

"I also believe that the people of our country will benefit from a close continuing relationship with a strong EU and I will work to help build these important links for our future."

James English (Labour Party)

James English is the Labour Party candidate for Beaconsfield in the General Election

James English, who lives in Farnham Common, in his campaign launch speech said he wants to fight against "empty Tory soundbites" and for a Labour government.

He said it is "a time when cuts are on the cards, when real time wages are at their lowest in years and foodbanks are feeding the nation."

He added: "We've got our work cut out.

"I want you to know that I'm here to fight for Labour in this election and in this consituency.

"What I want to achieve across Beaconsfield is to get our Labour ideas out for the country, out to as many people as is humanely possible, to highlight some very important issues and to convince a good handful of people to consider the alternative - a Labour Government working for the many and not just the few.

Peter Chapman (Liberal Democrats)

Peter Chapman is the Beaconsfield constituency candidate in the General Election

Peter Chapman, who fought in 2015 , will be fighting against Theresa May's hard Brexit, which the party says will "cost jobs and make us all poorer".

He said: “Half of Beaconsfield constituency’s residents voted to Remain in the EU and many more oppose the reckless decision of this hard-right Conservative government to pursue a hard Brexit.

"Only the Lib Dems here in South Buckinghamshire are truly fighting her plans and fought to Remain."

“The Labour Party is in an absolute mess, disagreeing amongst themselves rather than acting as the effective opposition this country so needs.”

Russell Secker (Green Party)

Russell Secker, the Green Party candidate for the Beaconsfield constituency in the General Election

Russell Secker, from Wooburn Green, stood in 2015 as the Green Party candidate in the Broxbourne constituency, Hertfordshire and has lived in Beaconsfield.

A computer programmer, he taught at Warwick University but gave this up in his fifties to care for his elderly parents, volunteer at the local hospital and foodbank, write a book and public speaking.

Mr Secker is a strong proponent of green technologies, including thermophotovoltaic power generation, and generates all his family’s electricity needs using solar roof panels.

In a message on his party's website it reads: "It is no secret that all major parties offer Britain almost identical prescriptions of austerity and inequality, of privatization and destruction of the NHS and our environment, of war, fear and greed.

"He strongly believes that we need to offer voters throughout the country a viable, thoughtful and energetic Green alternative."

Jon Conway (UKIP)

Jon Conway is a UKIP candidate for the Beaconsfield constituency in the General Election

Jon Conway, from Gerrards Cross, joined the party in 2015, becoming Beaconsfield branch chairman, council candidate and Vote Leave constituency co-ordinator in his first year.

A theatre producer by profession, he has staged hundreds of pantomimes and shows all over the world.

He is campaigning on reducing immigration, affordable housing, cutting overseas aid, helping the NHS, anti-HS2 and leaving the EU.

His campaign literature reads: "Article 50 always meant leaving the single market. We are the 5th largest economy in the world and must not be bullied by the EU, who have 6 million jobs and £60 billion net exports relying on UK trade."