Hard working pupils at Chesham Grammar School reaped their rewards today when they opened their GCSE results.

Staff and pupils at the school in White Hill, Chesham, are celebrating another set of excellent GCSE results.

Once again, more than 60 per cent of entries resulted in A* or A grades.

More than two thirds of all students achieved at least A*/As with 35 notching up a ‘clean sweep’ with all 10 subjects graded A* or A.

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Among those celebrating was Matthew Chapman, 16, from Berkhamsted, who got five A*s, four As and a B in additional maths.

He said: “I’m happy! I tried not to think too much about it before hand, but I’m really pleased.”

Matthew is staying on at the school’s sixth form.

Friend Hugh Carter, 16, from Berkhamsted, was chuffed with his seven A*s and four As and will also be staying on at sixth form.

He said: “I’m so happy. I’ve been so nervous!”

Arthur Summers, 16, from Ley Hill, was beaming after getting seven A*s and five As.

He said: “I’m really happy, I did better than I expected.”

Arthur is also staying on at the school’s sixth form.

Tegan Field, 16, from Prestwood, was pleasantly surprised with her six A*s, six As and C in additional maths.

She said: “I feel amazing. I did much better than expected. I did lots of studying but it’s paid off.”

Tegan will join her classmates in the school’s sixth form.

Another staying on in the sixth form is Rachel Kendrew, 16, from Berkhamsted, after getting two A*s and nine As.

She said: “I’m really happy, it’s unexpected. I hoped I’d done well but I didn’t really think about it.”

Jonny Scoones, 16, from Chesham, will also stay on at the sixth form after racking-up six A*s and four As.

He said: “I feel good, relieved. I was nervous. I’m shocked by a few results but pleased.”

Lucy Keeble, 16, from Chesham, was thrilled with her four A*s and seven As.

“I’m happy, I was shocked when I opened the envelope! I was very nervous.”

Lucy will also stay on at the school’s sixth form.

Also celebrating was Lauren Levine and Emily Slay, who both going an A* in every single subject.

A significant number were just behind them with eight or nine A* grades including Nathan Forshaw, Hugh Carter, Kizzie Mountstevens and Lily Kennedy.

Max McLoughlin is celebrating his seven A*/As as well as his A grade in AS level French.

Meanwhile Cara Wardle, who balances her studies with the demands of training with the South East Rugby Academy, is delighted with her nine A*/A grades.

Headteacher Annmarie McNaney said: “We’re delighted with these results. Our students, supported by staff, worked very hard to prepare for these examinations and I’m so pleased that they’ve been richly rewarded.

“Overall this is another very impressive set of exam results. I’m very proud of our superb students and congratulate them on their success.”