Heathrow’s new third runway could spell misery for residents of Iver and South Bucks, with planes flying overhead for the first time.

The Airports Commission proposed several new flight paths in the event of a third runway being built at Heathrow. Two of these flight paths track directly over Iver Heath and head northwards, where they may cause noise pollution in other areas of South Bucks.

Currently most flights landing and taking off and from Heathrow travel in easterly or westerly directions, before changing course.

Planes flying westwards out of Heathrow usually change course between Slough and Maidenhead, meaning Bucks mostly misses out on noise pollution Heathrow’s air traffic.

The proposed new flightpaths are in red, while the existing ones are in blue.

A map of the flight paths was created by the cross-party Coalition Against Heathrow Expansion, run by a number of high profile MPs including Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and former London Mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith, who has resigned from his seat over the runway decision.

The third runway will be built at the north of the site and slightly to the west, meaning the western end of the runway will be above the M25. The distance between Iver Heath and Heathrow is just five miles.

The impact of noise pollution is not new to Iver. There are currently 1,900 HGV movements a day through the Iver Villages according to Buckinghamshire County Council.

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The problem is already set to be worsened in the coming years, when a number of large scale construction projects including HS2, the Slough International Freight Exchange, and the moving of the Heathrow Express rail depot to Langley break ground.

In addition to these projects, Crossrail at Iver is not set to be complete until 2019. Buckinghamshire County Council leader Martin Tett conditionally welcomed the Heathrow decision.

He said: “Our support has always been conditional upon large-scale mitigation of its impact, particularly for the towns and villages of south Buckinghamshire, and the Iver area in particular. We will be demanding that this mitigation is delivered in a timely fashion to protect our residents and businesses.”