Plans to build a multi-storey car park in Gerrards Cross have been met with anger.

Property owners at nearby Maple Court have objected furiously to proposals to build a new car park at an existing site on Station Road.

South Bucks District Council (SBDC) recently submitted the application which would create 328 more parking spaces.

It was due to be discussed at a planning meeting this afternoon but was removed from the agenda.

Property owner Mandy Smith, said: “The proposed multi story car park in a village of such sophistication and character does not either require or need such a monstrosity.

“The village has ample parking for its needs. If indeed the carpark is required for the train station users then surely the extension of spaces could be done in the [train station] car park.”

Sylvia Shaw said: “This is, without exaggeration, a total monstrosity for Gerrards Cross and will cause horrendous traffic congestion. Parking is a problem everywhere.

“If the planners want to provide parking spaces then a better solution would be the current station car park which would not be looked over by residential property and would also afford extra parking for commuters.”

Jean Heath, wrote a letter to SBDC and MP Dominic Grieve. In her letter to the council she said it was ‘illogical’.

She added: “A moral example should be set. They all must examine their motives in the interests of the residents who have chosen to live in a semi-rural location.

“As we know habits and needs change – no more clearly illustrated by the changes in Station Road.

“Are we to be left with a relic, which will stick out like a sore thumb and be largely empty for the majority of the time? Can we only hope for a sensible, responsible, negotiated use of this land?”

Jeannette Minassian added: “The people who live there are up in arms.

“It’s not going to be a pretty site on a road that’s so narrow.

“Why don’t you build a multi-storey car park where the station is?

“It’s really upset a lot of people. It’s terrible. It’s outrageous.”

People also raised concerns over what they saw as a lack of notification about the application from SBDC and the applicants, Balfour Beatty.

An SBDC spokesperson said a future date for a council discussion is yet to be determined.

They added: "The application has been put back to allow further information to be provided.”