THOUSANDS of stoic students and teachers braved the whistling rain in fantastic style at the Advertiser-sponsored Beaconsfield Fun Run today, to raise money for Comic Relief.

More than 2,000 runners lined the starting posts for the joint fun run of The Beaconsfield School and Beaconsfield High School, and set off on the 5k challenge around the Hall Barn Estate punching the skies with loud cheers.

This year's race was sponsored by local businesses including Abstract Hairdressing, Ashington Page estate agents, Buzz Bars and David Lloyd Gym who were all there to welcome in the finishers.

First to finish was Jordy Johnson of the Beaconsfield School, aged 18, with a time of 21 minutes 8 seconds. Jordy was surprised to see ex-footballer Dennis Wise at the finish line, who was supporting his 16-year old neice Emily.

This year's special guest, Ice the TV Gladiator, whose real name is Caroline Pearce, added a touch of glamour to the event and met some of the young runners before the race.

Ms Pearce is involved in numerous projects that designed to help to improve the health and well-being of people of all ages, including personal training, feature writing for health magazines and running Justslim, an online diet programme she designed to help healthy weight loss.

She said: "It is very important to me to come to events like this and encourage young people to be active and fit. The key is to promote a healthy attitude."

Students' fancy dress outfits were fantastic, including Beaconsfield High's Headteacher, John Fletcher and Deputy Headteacher, Owain Johns a giant set of die.

Othes included swashbuckling pirate of the Caribbean, Davy Jones, worn by 18-year-old James Gowing, Tinkerbell, worn by Vicky Shields, 18, and Emily Welsh and Rene Bedward, both 17, dressed as The Lost Boys, from Peter Pan.

Head boy and girl, David Wilson and Carmen Liebenberg, 18, were cheering from the sidelines and said the excitement for the day had been building for a long time.

David said: "This is always a really fun event and it's great that the teachers join in too but it can get quite competetitive!"

At the finish line Mr Fletcher said: "There was definitely a sense of friendly rivalry out there between the two schools and it was great fun. This is a fantastic community event for our two neighbouring schools."

See page 2 for the results


Beaconsfield High School:

Juniors Yrs 7&8

1. Katie Bench 24.27

2. Issy Heinel & Laura Drysdale 30:10

Inters (Years 9 & 10)

1. Sarah Collin 28:03

2. Rebecca Louch 29:40

3. Tara Daniel 31:53

Seniors (Yrs 11, 12 & 13)

1. Emma Evans 28:45

2. Heidi Tyler 30:40

3. Vanya Leisos 36:53


1. Rosie Archer 26:25

2. Chris WhifIeld 26:43

3. Louis Noble 29:14

The Beaconsfield School:


Jordy Johnson Yr 13 – 21.08

Fastest Girl

Ashley Allnutt -27.25

Best Male Teacher

Mr Tidswell – 24.13

Best Female Teacher

Miss Belcher

Year 7 Boys

1) Aaron McLaughlin – 28.22

2) Logan Lwiecien -28.32

3) Mikey McClure

Year 7 Girls

1) Carla Holland and Steph Anderson 37.00

2) Maria Horrocks 45.30

Year 8 Boys

1) Nathan Andrews 26.14

2) Ben Slade

3) Logan Bunker -27.24

Year 8 Girls

1) Xena Watts – 30.57

2) Lucy Verhoven 40.12

3) Charlie Creighton 41.05

Year 9 Boys

1) Sam Parsons – 25.22

2) Max Sutton – 25.46

3) Max Hobbs – 31.41

Year 9 Girls

1) Hannah Cartwright 29.45

2) Laura Martin 29.54

3) Jess Green and Courtney Harry – 52.36

Year 10 Boys

1) Elliott Carey – 22.39

2) Luke Jennings 24.25

3)Shaun Downes 25.22

Year 10 Girls

1) Ashley Allnutt – 27.25

2) Polly Millar – 34.18

3) Dom Croft

Year 11 Boys

1) Carl Bailey 22.00

2) Adrian G 23.09

3) Ben White 23.58

Year 11 Girls

1) Chelsea Cole

2) Hannah Watts

3) Laura Barton

Year 12/13 Boys

1)Jordy Johnson – 21.08

2)Craig Gibson – 25.06

3)Sam Hood