Fresh concerns have been raised over proposals to build hundreds of houses next to an 80-year-old scout camp.

An area of nearly 14 hectares next to the Paccar Scout Camp in Chalfont Heights, Chalfont St Peter, has been earmarked for possible future development in the latest stage of the Local Plan.

Cliff Brooke, a volunteer there, fears the negative impact that building 420 houses next to it could have and warned of the ‘danger’ at a parish council meeting on Thursday January 26.

The Local Plan is a central government housebuilding drive which will determine where and how much can be developed for the next 20 years.

A consultation stage carried out by Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council, who are jointly preparing the plan, finished in December and the options are currently being considered.

Mr Brooke said: “We dont really just want to take the pressure off just because the consultation period is over.

“We want to keep the pressure up while there’s still something there.”

Calling the camp a ‘young peoples’ ativity centre’, Mr Brooke said there will be a ‘serious danger’ if there are a lot of people next door.

There could be the risk of there being ‘several hundred houses’ with inquisitive children climbing the trees and the equipment, he said.

Warning that the site ‘will not become viable’ he said: “Lots are saying if we have a housing estate on our border they will not bring the children.

“At the moment it’s considered a very safe area because of it’s remoteness.”

50,000 young people visited the site last last year, and 83,000 sessions were delivered.

“It just immense,” Mr Brooke said and added: “[Children] dont have the facilities anywhere else. This is the only chance they have got.”

Because the camp is run by volunteers and open all the time, Mr Brooke dismissed the idea of putting a gate on the camp and keeping the grounds patrolled.

He said: “We’re not a business. We’re run by volunteers and we can’t keep on top of that.”

And he said that neighbours would not appreciate the noise and smoke that the children make throughout the year.

Citing a scout camp in Essex that has had to close recently, he said: “They’ve had an estate build up over the last few years and they have just given up.

“It’s an inevitable consequence. Volunteers have said ‘I’m not up for a battle’.”