A 68-YEAR-OLD man travelled around Britain in his Morgan using only coastal roads in just 22 days.

Frank Lomax, who lives in Beaconsfield New Town, decided to drive around Britain using only A and B roads to raise money for Help for Heroes.

He raised more than £10,000 before he left and carried on collecting donations on his travels.

Frank said: “There was a couple who let me stay in their hotel for free and others who put a few pounds in my container.

“I sold photos in the Morgan for money too. There was a bride and groom who paid to have a photo taken.

“Lots of people wanted a photo with the Morgan.”

Frank said he decided to support Help For Heroes as he has a great respect for those who fight for their country.

He said: “I haven’t even been in the RAF or Army, but I respect what they do. If they can fight for us, it’s not too much for me to spend a few weeks in my car to raise a bit of money for them.”

He added that visiting the Battle of Britain memorial in Kent was moving, adding: “It was very early when I went to visit but I was lucky as they’d opened up two hours early for the grass cutting machine.

“It was a very moving experience and reminded me why I had been travelling for the past 22 days.”

Frank stopped off at various places along his way, including Wales, Scotland, Blackpool and Penzance.

He said: “I liked Scotland as there were great views, and the roads were nice to drive around.

“Some of the places were out of the way and the people were surprised to see me.

“They were even more shocked when they heard what I was doing.”

Now Frank says he is having a rest after spending so long on the road.

“I’m recovering from all the bumps from the potholes and bumpy roads. The Morgan took a battering, and needs a good clean too.

“I think I need a break now, and I don’t think my wife will want me leaving again anytime soon,” he added.