A 42-YEAR-OLD sales executive from Flackwell Heath is to run as the first ever Green Party candidate in the Beaconsfield constituency.

Jeremy Bailey, a DIY expert who is building his own home extension and who grows most of his own vegetables on an allotment, believes people who want change will vote for him.

The former Burnham Grammar pupil joined the Green Party six years ago and won five per cent of the vote when he stood as a candidate in the Buckinghamshire County Council elections last year for Thames Valley Ward, winning more votes than UKIP.

Mr Bailey, a national account manager for a company that makes catering equipment, is married and has two sons, aged ten and seven, and daughter, aged three.

He said his biggest concerns locally are hospital closures, large class sizes, and the increasing dominance of supermarkets which pull local businesses under and take money out of the local economy.

He said: "I'm very much for supporting local businesses. In Bourne End for example the traditional shops are still there, there is a green grocer and a butcher, but Tesco is trying to open up, when it already has four stores within a five mile radius.

"With big supermarkets, the money goes to the shareholders and the banks. But with small businesses, the money is spent locally, it stays in the community."

He says he accepts that he will not win the seat and that many people who vote for him will do so in order to signal to the person who becomes Beaconsfield's MP that they want the environment given more consideration.

He said: "We have other policies too, and a lot of them are starting to be adopted by the other parties."

Asked which of the Green Party's policies he sees as most important, he said that

he Green Party wants to reduce inequality in a society where 20 per cent of children and 25 per cent of the elderly live in poverty. It would increase the state pension from £96 to £170 per week.

It would also create a million jobs by putting resources into renewable energy, housing, social care and public transport.

It would also reverse the privatisation of hospital services by, for example, bringing cleaners back into the NHS, as the party believes this would make NHS bosses more accountable and save the tax payer money.