A firefighter who has 'seen it all' has described the moment he rescued an unlucky man - from a teapot.

Sam Sansom from Amersham Fire Station, Woodside Road, rescued the unnamed man by helping him to release his hand from the teapot after a washing up session went horribly wrong.

The firefighter said: "The man was trying to clean the teapot with a scouring pad when it got stuck. The teapot was more of a coffee pot shape made from stainless steel so it had a smaller top. He had been trying to get it out for some time with Fairy Liquid and oil and it wouldn't come out."

After calling 999, the man, who is about 30, drove with his friend to the fire station with the teapot still attached to his hand at 6.45pm on the Saturday evening.

Mr Sansom used pliers and tin snips to release his hand because his arm had swelled up. The rescue operation took about 15 minutes.

Mr Sansom, who has worked as a firefighter for 25 years, said: "I am never surprised. I have dealt with all sorts over the years. There have been loads of call outs in my time, kids stuck in railings, pets stuck up trees, puppies stuck in pipes, cats everywhere that you can think of. That is just how it is. We haven't had one in a while though."

The unnamed man managed to escape his ordeal without injury.

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