Council tax is set to rise by more than £1 a week.

The 4.99% hike was passed by a vote of 38 to 2 at a Bucks County Council meeting yesterday (Thursday February 16) when the 2017/18 budget was approved.

Leader Martin Tett said the budget was the ‘result of the prudent decisions taken during a real period of uncertainty’.

Standard council tax will increase by 1.99%, while the council has also agreed to implement the government’s 3% social care precept.

This precept will go towards the spiralling cost of adult social care.

Mr Tett told councillors on Thursday: “We have not only reshaped the council and its services, which has saved us over £100m over the past five years, but we have also been more commercial, with income now over £70 million per annum and targeted to increase by another £7 million next year.

“This budget offers Buckinghamshire the stability which is so vital when planning services and puts us on a sure footing for the future - whatever that may hold.”

The council says that tax remains below the average for county councils in the country and the rise amounts to an £1.11p increase per week for Band D rate payers.

This is the last year the council will receive the Revenue Support Grant, which only four years ago amounted to 18.6% of the budget.

On Tuesday February 7 Chiltern District Council cabinet recommended an increase of £5 a year, taking a Band D property to £175.62p a year – a 2.93% increase

Full council will consider this recommendation on Tuesday February 28.

And on Wednesday February 8 South Bucks District Council agreed to recommend an increase of £5 a year.

This would take a Band D property to £153 a year – a 3.38% increase

Full Council will consider this recommendation on Wednesday March 1.