Pupils at the school in Great Missenden went along to pick up their results on Thursday, August 22, with 86 per cent of them gaining five or more A* to C grades.

The results were an improvement on last year, and many of the pupils will now be going on to complete A Level courses at the school or at other locations.

One of the pupils, Isobella Handcock, 16, who got five A*s, two As and a distinction, said: "I am really pleased, I couldn't be happier. It has been lots of hard work, and I was very nervous this morning. I woke up early and then came into school, but it was such a nice surprise to open the envelope."

She is now planning on studying A Levels in biology, chemistry and drama.

Twins Megan and Emma Brockwell, 16, of Great Kingshill, were also pleased with their results.

Megan achieved three As, two Bs, two Cs, a D and a distinction, and Emma achieved one A*, three As, four Bs and a distinction.

Megan said: "We're both really happy, and it's really good that we have both done well.

"When we were revising we mainly worked in different rooms because we'd annoy each other if we were in the same place, but there were times when we worked together.
"Some of the subjects we did were the same."

Dan Tyler, also 16, gained four A*s two As, a B and a distinction in ICT and is also planning to come back to the school next year to study maths, biology, chemistry and physics.

He said: "I'm really thrilled. I thought that the exams had gone well when I did them, but not this well."

Another high achiever was Alif Trevathan, 16, of Chesham, who picked up five A*s and two As.

She said: "I am really surprised. When I did the exams I didn't think that they had gone well at all, so I'm really happy to have got these results."

Head teacher Robert Peston said: "I am really happy. The results show the hard work of both the students and the staff, and coupled with last week's A Level results show how well things are going at this school. Congratulations to the students on a fantastic set of results."