The family of Malcolm Tindall have issued a statement on the anniversary of his death, telling of their disappointment at the leniency of disciplinary action against three police officers found guilty of misconduct.

A nine-day misconduct hearing found last week, that PC David Stamp had committed gross misconduct in relation to his actions following a call-out to a car accident on the A413 near Great Missenden .

PC Stamp was to be given a written warning, meanwhile PC Caroline Irwin and Hugh Flanagan who also responded to the accident were found to have committed misconduct and would receive management advice.

The three officers. based at Amersham Police Station, were called out to a crash on the A413 between Wendover and Great Missenden at 4.52am on March 4, 2014. The driver of the car blamed the icy state of the road for the crash.

The PCs then left the scene at 5.26am after dealing with the crash, without placing any warning signs about the ice or closing the road.

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Within half an hour, a fatal collision occurred near the site of the earlier crash, claiming the lives of Carl Bird and Malcolm Tindall, and seriously injuring a passenger.

While the Tindall family welcomed the misconduct findings, they added "We are disappointed that sanctions given to these officers were not more serious given the findings of the panel".

They also expressed their anguish at the amount of time taken to reach the verdict, almost exactly three years after the accident.

"The process in getting to this point has been difficult and stressful; we remain at a loss to know why the investigation has taken this long" the statement reads.

"Whilst a family is grieving and needing answers to help them find closure, we feel there should be more efficient methods of investigation."

An inquest into Mr Tindall's 2014 death will now begin, with the pre-inquest review hearing scheduled for March 9 and the hearing itself scheduled to begin on April 24.

The Tindall family also thanked the Independent Police Complaints Commission for their thorough investigation as well as the Chair of the misconduct hearing for "making us feel a part of the misconduct proceedings in allowing us to make submissions and put questions forward to the panel for their consideration".