David Lidington, MP for Aylesbury, is urging people to vote Remain on June 23.

He said: "I shall vote to remain because our country is better off, safer and stronger in the world because of our EU membership.

"The EU’s free trade single market enables our businesses to buy and sell across 28 countries – 500 million people - a gigantic home market. There are no tariffs, no customs paperwork at national borders, one set of product standards not 28.

"More than half our chemical and pharmaceutical exports go to Europe, more than 40% of our car and aerospace exports, a third of financial services exports and 90 % of beef and lamb exports. Nearly a quarter of all small businesses sell to Europe directly or in a supply chain.

"As part of the single market, we've attracted the lion's share of foreign investment into Europe: every day, foreign companies invest £142 million here. American and Japanese companies tell me that if we quit, we cannot expect that investment or those jobs in future.

"Outside the EU, British firms would still have to conform to EU trade rules to do business there. At present we win 9 out of 10 votes on those rules. Leave, and there'll be no British voice or vote.

"As a minister, I’ve seen how Britain working actively in the EU has protected our national interests and our citizens: police forces exchanging data and intelligence; rapid extradition of terrorists and gangsters; naval cooperation to defeat pirates in the Indian Ocean; sanctions that persuaded Iran to negotiate over nuclear weapons.

"Our friends in the Commonwealth, the United States and NATO tell us repeatedly that we are stronger and more influential in the world as a leading player in the EU. In a turbulent and uncertain world, there is strength in numbers. We should be confident in our ability to lead Europe, not leave."

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