It is a craze which has been sweeping the world, with the likes of Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jamie Vardy getting in on the action.

And now Heatherton House School, Amersham, pulled off their own amazing feat when the whole school completed the Mannequin Challenge.

The challenge is a recent social media craze of videoing people standing still imitating mannequins, and has been sweeping the world.

Headteacher Debbie Isaachsen said: "We have been looking at the power and influence of social media in our Current Affairs and Thinking Skills lessons.

"So we thought we'd try videoing our very own Mannequin Challenge, post it on Heatherton's Facebook and Twitter feeds and see how many people watched it."

Year 5 pupil Annabel Fanning said: "We like to do things a bit differently.

"Instead of just one class videoing themselves standing like mannequins, we thought we'd try the whole school.

"We got it on the second try - it was such fun."

The video has been shared and watched by over 5,000 people - and the numbers are growing every day since posting it on social media.

Debbie added: "The challenge was a lot of fun to take part in and brought the whole school together.

“It also taught the girls a very valuable lesson about the power and reach of the Internet."

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