There wasn't a dry eye in Albert Square as the EastEnders bid a sad farewell to Peggy Mitchell.

But actress Barbara Windsor, who played the feisty landlady of the Queen Vic, is better known for laughter, not tears - both her own infectious giggle and the laughter she brought to millions through the series of Carry On films she starred in.

Barbara Windsor on the film set of Carry On Doctor. This scene was filmed at Maidenhead Town Hall, which doubled as the hospital for the film.

Though Albert Square may not be in Buckinghamshire, Pinewood Studios certainly is and it was there that many of the classic comedies were filmed.

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So we have trawled through our archives to find some fantastic photos of Babs on the set of a variety of Carry On films. Can you guess which ones they are?

Carry On Henry filming at Pinewood Studios Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Gerald Thomas the director, Joan Sims and Julian Holloway.

Some photos were taken at the studios in Iver Heath, others were shot on location at Maidenhead Town Hall, which was doubling up as a hospital (that's a clue).

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Barbara Windsor made her film debut in 1963 in The Belles of St Trinians and starred in Carry On films for 13 years from 1964 to 1977.