These dramatic pictures show the extent of the damage caused to a house in Chesham after a car crashed into it.

Emergency services were called at around 4.50pm yesterday (Sunday Feb 12) to the house on Pheasant Rise and had to use a 10.5 metre ladder to rescue a man and a boy from a first floor window.

Driver Ben Smith, 23, said he was shocked when he felt his white Volkswagen hit the house yesterday afternoon.

Neighbour Karen Harrison said: “We heard a loud bang.

“I looked out of the window and saw the car embedded in the side of the house, so I went round to to make sure everyone was alright.”

Early estimates have suggested the repair will cost up to £12,000.

It is thought there was another person in the house, a female, who was not injured.

They have not been named but it is believed they had only been living there for around two months.

The property has been secured and police remain on site.