DOMINIC Grieve has again proved triumphant in the Beaconsfield constituency, following the election count.

Mr Grieve romped home with 32,053 votes out of a possible 52,543, meaning that he retains the seat that he has held since 1997.

His nearest rival was John Edwards of the Liberal Democrats, who scored 10,271 votes.

Mr Grieve told the crowd at the count at the Curzon Centre that he was delighted with the result, and praised his opponents for their campaigns.

He said: "There has been a long history in this constituency of campaigns being fought in a friendly and curteous manner, and that has certainly been the case here. I am delighted with the win, and I would like to thank everyone who support me throughout my campaign.

"I have widened my constituency to include Marlow and that brings with it a host of new challenges, which I look forward to.

"I have no idea what will happen in the morning in terms of the general election, but this country clearly has some huge challenges ahead of it, which we must work together to tackle. I would like to thank all who have worked hard to count the results, and everyone who has helped to organise this."

John Edwards was despondent about his result, saying that he had hoped for a more votes.

He said: "I'm pleased to have got more than 10,000, but I was hoping to get above 20 per cent and that has not happened. I was feeling very positive about it in the run up to count, and had had some fantastic feedback. Now we must move on and build for the future."

The results in full:

Dominic Grieve (con) - 32,053

John Edwards (lib dem) - 10,271

Jeremy Miles (lab) - 6,135

Delphine Gray-Fisk (UKIP) - 2,597

Jeremy Bailey (Green) - 768

Andrew Cowen (A vote against MP expense abuse) - 475

Quentin Baron (Independent) - 191