A former Big Brother contestant is calling for CCTV to be installed in all dementia care homes.

Jayne Connery, 49, from Gerrards Cross, launched a petition in October after her mother was abused in a care facility.

Mother Ellen Connery and daughter Jayne Connery

The petition, called ‘CCTV in all dementia care facilities by law’, now has over 10,000 signatures and according to Miss Connery has the backing of Beaconsfield MP Dominic Grieve.

Her dementia awareness campaign started five years ago when her mother, who suffers from dementia, was ‘slapped across the face’ in her first care home.

She installed a covert camera into her mother’s bedroom in the second care home and in the third home, where she saw an elderly man screaming for help as he lay on the floor for 40 minutes, Miss Connery stopped her from being double dosed.

Jayne Connery with Dominic Grieve.

Miss Connery’s campaign has been picked up by the national media and she now has a huge following on social media, in part thanks to her appearance on Big Brother.

“I said I would only go in Big Brother as a dementia campaigner. I went in to raise my profile,” she said.

“I’ve now got over 15,000 people supporting me.

Speaking about the campaign she said: “It’s just doing amazing. I’m doing this full time.

“I had a call from a politician who wants me to meet up with her - if it can happen to a politican it can happen to anyone. It could be me, it could be you.

“In the first year or two of my mum being in the care system my trust was low but over the period of time doing this campaign and learning about the care system I’ve come to realise our careers are gold.

Jayne Connery pictured in London for Sue Carroll

“It’s not about the carers, it’s the care services providers give.”

“It has got to stop.”

Mis Connery, who says care staff are ‘under supported and undertrained’ blames a culture of focusing on ‘profits over care’.

“We need to step up and protect our vulnerable,” she added.

A 16 page proposal has been handed to Mr Grieve for him to send to the health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

She said: “I do believe it will happen but I think the pressure has to be kept up.”

“I want it to happen tomorrow. It has to happen. It should have happened five years ago.”

Visit https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/168920 for more information.