CAMPAIGNERS in Denham have spoken of their delight that a proposed spur link between the HS2 line and Heathrow is set to run underground rather than overground through the village.

At an HS2 community forum event held on Thursday last week, the Denham Against HS2 Action Group was told by HS2 that plans to run an overground spur through the village had been changed and that they will now involve the link between the main HS2 line and Heathrow airport running underground.

Details as to the exact route that the tunnel will take and where it will end have not yet been announced, but it will now mean that parts of the village, including Denham Aerodrome, the nearby golf club and Higher Denham, will not face the prospect of an overground train line running through them.

Frank Partridge of the Denham Against HS2 group, said: "This is cause for some optimism and is a bit of good news.

"Obviously, Denham is still threatened by the main part of the HS2 line, but we now know that if it goes ahead, we won't face the prospect of having the Heathrow spur being visible as well.

"It means that parts of the village will be less affected."

Despite the news, the group is determined to continue fighting the main HS2 project, which threatens parts of the village as well as the nearby Colne Valley Park.

It has held a number of fundraising events in recent months to get money together for a judicial review into the government's decision to raise money for the scheme.

Mr Partridge said: "Denham is a unique case, because it was threatened with two lines, but now we are down to one.

"It is a positive step, but our focus is still on stopping HS2, and making sure that we don't have any railway lines at all running through our village.

"We want residents in Denham to know that we are still fighting this all the way."

A spokesman for HS2 confirmed that the line would go into a tunnel to minimise the impact on the community.