Transport for Buckinghamshire(TfB) and Thames Valley Police are working on a crackdown on vehicles weighing over three tonnes crossing the newly re-opened Marlow Bridge.

The bridge had been shut down for two months after a lorry collided with it, reopening on November 25 to much relief from locals.

However, when the bridge reopened, a three tonne weight limit was imposed in order to protect the historic bridge from damage and prevent any further travel chaos that repairs would entail.

Many residents have complained to the council about vehicles which they believe are well over that weight, which still use the bridge. In order to combat the issue, TfB are seeking to educate drivers who might not be aware what their cars weigh.

Mark Shaw, Buckinghamshire County Council Cabinet Member for Transport, said:

“This is a difficult problem to solve. It seems likely that many drivers do not realise how little 3 tonnes is. For instance, a Range Rover carrying four people and their shopping could easily exceed 3 tonnes. As such, we will be trying to educate local residents on identifying the weight of their vehicles if they are regular users of the bridge.

Councillor Mark Shaw at Marlow Bridge

He went on to say that although there are measures in place to deter heavier vehicles from crossing the bridge already, such as width-restricting bollards, there are many drivers who are not put-off by this of drive heavy vehicles that aren't particularly tall or wide.

The council are also coordinating with Thames Valley Police to enforce the weight limit more punitively, in the new year.

Inspector Scott Long of TVP Roads Policing's team will be carrying out 'targeted enforcement' of the bridge’s weight limit in the New Year.

Inspector Long said:

"We are taking all violations of the weight limit very seriously, due to the impact on the town’s residents and businesses of the two month closure of the bridge after an HGV collided with it in September.

"We are working with TfB to come to a solution, and would like to reinforce the message to drivers that ignoring the weight restriction could result in penalties."