Earlier this month nine seriously ill children, all with cancer, were treated to a three day trip to Disneyland Paris by Prestwood's Thomas Ball Children's Cancer Fund.

This was the charity's twelfth trip of its kind, after having been set up by a nine year old Thomas Ball, a survivor of Neuroblastoma, who later died from the disease aged 14 in 2003.

Tom's mother Elaine is now the chairperson of the charity and continues to run it, providing much needed time off for young people with cancer and their families.

Most of the children were locals, put forward by Stoke Mandeville and John Radcliffe Hospitals to take the magical trip to Disneyland.

The Edwards family from Bourne End

The cohort nearly missed out on the trip due to an accident on the A40, which led them to miss their train. Thankfully Eurostar managed to find a train with 43 seats spare and the trip was saved. Apart from the family who accidentally left their passports and money in a bag on the train that ended up a 700 km round-trip away, but were later reunited with it.

Elaine Ball said:

"The trip is always very popular and it's a privilege to be around such inspirational and courageous families but we do need to limit the number of children that we can take each year as it's very expensive and we are only a small charity."

Elaine also thanked Flo and Gary Styles, a couple from High Wycombe who made a major donation towards the trip making it possible. Flo's employer Dun and Bradstreet matched their donations. allowing the brave children and their families a well deserved, magical break.