A mayor was forced to overcome his fear of heights when he abseiled down a tall building for charity.

Chesham’s mayor Peter Hudson abseiled down the 170m tall Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth on Friday (Aug 28) in aid of one of his mayoral charities Dreamflight.

Mr Hudson said: “It was terrifying at the top waiting to go out onto the platform hundreds of feet up. At one point as I swung my legs over the platform I thought I might not be able to do it, my fear of heights is so great, but I managed to overcome my fears by concentrating on the reason I was raising money, for the kids that will benefit from the wonderful experience Dreamflight makes possible.

“Once I started the descent, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. The only significant issue came about half way down when my rope got caught on a bolt and I had to free it, which resulted in me dropping a few feet quite quickly! I also found that my rope hand (feeding the rope to descend) quickly became very tired and towards the end I was coming down faster than I would have liked as well as being buffeted by the wind.”

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He added: “About a dozen friends and family came along to support me on the day which was great and really helped give me the courage to see the abseil through.

“I’m glad I overcame my fears and went through with the abseil, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing back for another go anytime soon! However, after watching me, my 21-year-old stepdaughter now fancies a go!”

Dreamflight, based in Amersham, takes seriously-ill and disabled children to Orlando for the holiday of a lifetime visiting the theme parks, to bring some fun and joy to children whose illnesses cause pain, distress and disruption to their lives.

The charity has been operating since 1986 and has helped more than 5,000 children so far.

However, even with generous discounts from the airlines and volunteer doctors and nurses, it still costs more than £3,000 per child to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Mr Hudson’s abseil has raised about £1,100 for the charity.

The previous week he raised £1,400 for the charity by organising a charity quiz that was hosted by Russell Grant.

To sponsor him visit www.justgiving.com/CheshamMayor.