Chesham residents have expressed their anger about their “neglected town” saying broken lampposts have been left to rust.

Many locals have complained to local councils about the stumps, which have been branded “eyesores” and range from taped-up posts, to rusted and half-broken ones.

Mohammad Fayyaz, former Mayor of Chesham and now a councillor for Asheridge Vale, said the blame lies with one local authority in particular.

“This is a complete failure by the Bucks County Council,” he said.

“The town has been neglected for a long time and anyone who comes to Chesham thinks the town is scruffy and poorly looked after – how can you let visitors come in this state.

“We've asked for repairs for years, they always say they will look at it but it rarely gets done.

“My biggest concern is watching Chesham be neglected so long, the town has too much work that needs to be done.

"If they had some sort of procedure in place to deal with each area then it would never have got this bad. No one has bothered to deal with the problem.”

Another angered resident, Christopher Clayton, said that in spite of a number of calls to action and complaints to the local authority, the problem is still ignored.

Mr Clayton even spoke of a second complaint about the local authority being “guilty of inadequate and misleading responses” to past objections.

He said: “Several weeks ago traffic lights were installed on Eskdale Avenue and traffic was disrupted for about two weeks.

“Power was finally installed in the street light that was erected to replace the damaged one and it was assumed that the plan was not just to transfer power to the new lamp post, but also to remove the old light stump.

“When the traffic lights were removed the stump was still there. Amazingly it had been neatly tarmac-ed around.

“It is staggering and incredible that this problem is still in existence and I was appalled to find that this is a problem all over Chesham, which as a town has every right to feel aggrieved at its treatment by the county council.”

Buckinghamshire County Council has been contacted for a comment and said that the lamppost problem was now being investigated.

A spokesman said: “During the winter there was a significant increase in accidental damage to street lights in Buckinghamshire.

“All damaged equipment is now either in the replacement programme, or has been replaced and is waiting for the electricity board to transfer the electrical services before the old damaged column can be removed by Transport for Buckinghamshire.

“Orders have been raised to repair the columns which have so far been reported and inspected, and TfB is continuing with routine inspections to identify any damage that has not been reported in order to action repairs as a priority.”