The worried owner of a top micropig breeding farm has launched a campaign to rehome her animals who face eviction from their farm.

Kew Little Pigs, which houses more than 56 pigs, three goats and some chickens, has been told to leave Stampwell Farm, Beaconsfield, in a dispute over the tenancy of the land.

Kew Little Pigs micropigs at Stampwell Farm, London Road, Beaconsfield. Amy Coward feeds some of the micropigs.

Owner Olivia Mikhail, 35, has been renting the land from Latimer Minster Church of England since 2014 but the church say she has breached the terms of her tenancy agreement.

Miss Mikhail denies this but she now faces a battle to rehome her animals, some of whom are heavily pregnant and would struggle with the stress of moving.

Kew Little Pigs micropigs at Stampwell Farm, Beaconsfield. Scarlet and her piglets.

But she says thanks to help from the Advertiser/Examiner, people have got in touch with her after reading about the story from last week.

She said: “The main thing is trying to get money in, because that’s a serious issue.

“We have had lots of nice messages. People have heard what’s happening. We’re still trying to gain awareness through our petition.”

Miss Mikhail was originally told she must leave the farm on Friday February 24 and had been served with an eviction notice.

Velvet and her piglets at feeding time

But she says she has not had any correspondence with the church since Thursday evening and is unsure about what is happening.

She is still running her business from the farm and has hired a land agent to speak to the church on her behalf.

She said: “We still haven’t found anywhere but we’re still trying.

“We’re trying to operate the business - it’s business as usual, it has to be.”

Kew Little Pigs micropigs at Stampwell Farm, London Road, Beaconsfield. Scarlet and her piglets.

Having relocated herself and her daughter from Kew, London, she is desperate to stay in the area.

She said: “We’re established here now. We’re looking for support and time to operate our business.”

And she is urging anyone who can offer help or advice to come forward and get in touch with her.

Visit to find out more.

The church has been contacted for information.