A number of county council workers are receiving wages of more than £150,000 – despite the authority struggling with huge cuts in government funding.

Last week, the Taxpayers' Alliance released its Town Hall Rich List, which reveals the highest paid local authority employees in the UK.

According to the report, 11 employees at Bucks County Council receive an annual sum of more than £100,000 – five of which exceed £150,000.

On top of this, two employees benefited from increased wages - despite the fact the council must make £46million in savings in the next four years after government cuts.

The county council also raised council tax by 4.99% for the new financial year.

Former chief of communities, health and social care, Trevor Boyd, took a pay rise of £7,122 before Sheila Norris took over the role earlier this year.

Managing director of transport, economy and environment, Neil Gibson, received a pay rise of £4,950 from the tax year 2015 to 2016.

James Price, a policy analyst at Taxpayers' Alliance, said that senior management employees are benefiting from high wages at a time of financial difficulty.

“Council tax bills have just been issued for this financial year, and many taxpayers will see significant increases,” he said.

“At least a third of Britain's biggest councils have already announced council tax increases by 4.99%, the maximum increase that does not require a referendum.

“Councils have justified this, in part, by saying that they have made all the savings they can; however, our Town Hall Rich List shows that many local authorities increased the amount they spent on senior management in 2015-16.”

The report shows there were at least 2,314 council employees in the UK who received total remuneration in excess of £100,000 – 89 more than the previous year.

More than 530 council employees received more than £150,000 - an increase of 53 people.

Although some Bucks County Council employees receive large paychecks, the county ranked 56th in the list of 68 authorities with the highest paid employees.

The report shows the top remunerated employee from 2015 to 2016 was Dave Smith, Chief Executive in Sunderland – who received £625,570.

A Buckinghamshire County Council spokesman responded to the Taypayers' Alliance list and said the salaries are appropriate.

“Our senior management team’s salaries reflect the responsibility their roles entail," he said.

"Together they are responsible for managing the largest organisation in Buckinghamshire with a budget of more than £800 million; that's bigger than many FTSE 100 companies, whose senior personnel earn significantly more than our senior team.

"In recent years, we have removed fringe benefits such as private healthcare and lease car benefits to senior employees.

"Our Delivering Successful Performance pay scheme ensures that any increase in salaries is tied to corresponding productivity and performance and not the length of time served, ensuring continuing cost-effectiveness for the taxpayer."