All five district and county councils could be abolished and replaced with one 'Buckinghamshire Council'.

This is according to plans outlined in a blueprint released by them on Wednesday (September 14).

If they are given the go-ahead, all five councils could be replaced with one single authority.

BCC say this would provide better services and enhance local decision-making, while saving tax payers more than £18m a year.

Subject to approval by cabinet and full council the business case will be submitted to government this autumn.

If given the green light the new Buckinghamshire Council could be created by 2019.

Leader of BCC, Martin Tett, said: “The bureaucratic way local government is currently set up in Buckinghamshire is no longer fit for purpose or affordable.

"A new council would be a fresh start for Buckinghamshire, designed from the bottom up to provide better, more locally-focused services.

"I’m particularly proud of our proposals to bring the council closer to local communities.

"This includes giving residents a much larger role in deciding the services they want where they live and creating 19 Community Hubs throughout Bucks where people can access a wide range of public services on their doorsteps.

"There just isn’t the money to pay for all the services residents want and if we don’t act now things will only get worse - in 2010 Bucks’ county and district councils received £88m in government funding, but by 2020 this will be zero.

“We now have the opportunity to save tens of millions of pounds which could be invested in protecting and improving frontline services."

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