A TOWN’s celebration of all things Blyton is to feature on the BBC news today.

The crew got in touch with organiser Kari Dorme (pictured) after controversy surrounding the festival reached a head a few months ago, with Anthony Mealing, of High Wycombe, saying the festival should not go ahead as some of Blyton’s books had racist comments.

The televison crew interviewed Kari, a member of the Beaconsfield Society who is organising the celebrations for Blyton’s 75th anniversary.

The BBC London news feature will look at the society’s plans to hold a week of Blyton themed events in the summer, as well as looking at the debate over whether her work is racist and offensive.

Kari said: “I know they interviewed Mr Mealing but really he’s done us a favour. We’ve had national papers and now the news come to talk to us about the festival which is great publicity. Really we want to move away from the negative and focus on the celebrations.”

The Beaconsfield Society is hosting a Noddy Day at Bekonscot Model Village in June, and a screening of the BBC TV Blyton biopic starring Helena Bonham Carter.

In February Mr Mealing claimed Beaconsfield should rethink its plans to celebrate Blyton arguing there were a number of racist comments and incidents in her stories.

But Kari said Blyton was simply a product of her time and the tales have been updated removing any offensive content.