A group of travellers have set up home on council owned land in Beaconsfield.

Seven vehicles, including four caravans, pitched up on land at the junction of Candlemas Lane and Candelmas Mead on Monday night (May 1).

The land belongs to Beaconsfield Town Council.

Bucks County Council, acting on behalf of the town council, says it is seeking a court order requiring the convoy moves on.

A spokesman for the town council confirmed on Wednesday the incursion was ongoing.

Neighbour Harvey Michael said while it was the first time he'd experienced an incursion in the area, he said there had been no issues so far.

"They're on public property," he said. "I'm surprised the police or local authority haven't moved them on.

"There's going to be a problem if they don't because within a few days time this road will be closed because of the Beaconsfield Fair, so if they're still here it's going to be an absolute nightmare."

Travellers have been spotted in the area before, and councils have resorted to various measures to prevent them from illegally occupying land.

In February last year, mounds of earth were placed alongside a road in the town in a bid to keep travellers out of the area.

Earth bunds were installed along Windsor End in the hope that it would prevent travellers from driving their vehicles onto the land.

'Legal process'

This came just a few months after similar mounds were built in Gerrards Cross when the town council and BCC built bunds to prevent travellers from returning to Colston Court.

A group who were using the area were removed by court order earlier in the year, and the mounds were built after fears among the community that the travellers would return.

A county council (BCC) spokesman said the authority's gypsy and traveller services team visited the site on Tuesday.

"Land in Candlemas Mead, Beaconsfield, is currently occupied by four caravans and three vehicles," said the spokesman.

"BCC will be going through the legal process to obtain an order for their removal. The land belongs to Beaconsfield Town Council.”

BCC sold all gypsy and traveller sites they owned to Best Holdings, a company managing residential caravan parks across the country, in September last year, in a bid to cut costs.