Veolia, the company which runs the Wapseys Wood landfill site, could face prosecution for the smells wafting over Beaconsfield. 

The Environment Agency has been asked to threaten Veolia, which runs the tips, in Oxford Road, with prosecution after numerous complaints from the public.

Since the summer the stink from Wapseys Wood, A40, and Springfield Farm, Broad Lane, which take refuse from across SE England, has got worse. Residents of the Wattleton Estate and Seer Green have complained in droves.

Trevor Parker of Butlers Court Road said: "It's awful. My wife has respiratory problems and if she goes in the garden it literally takes her breath away."

Chris Hadwen of Wattleton Road said: "It's a very nasty smell, and you can smell it most days. Sometimes it's very strong indeed. Visitors comment on it."

Councillor Deborah Sanders of Beaconsfield Town Council said: "Over the last six months to a year Wapseys Wood in particular has been much worse. The smell in Seer Green has been awful."

Chairman of the Wapseys Wood Liaison Committee Peter Hardy has written to Environment Agency Thames regional director Howard Davidson. The letter said: "I am extremely concerned that the problem remains unresolved.... if it is not possible to resolve the problem through working with Veolia the Environment Agency must exercise its formal powers."

Martin Curtois of Veolia said it was taking steps to improve the sites. He said: "These include the installation of deodorising systems at both sites and extending the existing gas well infrastructure to remove more 'landfill gas' which is then converted into renewable energy. In this way we will be able to enhance environmental management at both sites and increase our contribution to the National Grid by powering over 16,000 homes."

To complain ring 0800 807060.

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