Beaconsfield Services will host the UK's first ever Hydrogen Refuelling System for cars underneath a forecourt canopy.

The move means that for the first time cars powered by Hydrogen will be able to refuel in much the same way as conventional diesel of petrol cars.

Hydrogen powered vehicles produce electricity from hydrogen gas and oxygen with no harmful emissions. The reaction that takes place in a hydrogen fuel cell only produces electricity, heat and water.

Hydrogen technology already powers some buses and other vehicles but has not yet been applied to mainstream consumer vehicles in the UK.

The main reason for this is the lack of affordable vehicles with the technology, and the inability to refuel at conventional petrol pumps. However, with the surge in popularity of electric cars over the last five years, and recent government decisions to promote hydrogen as the fuel source of the future, this looks set to change.

Earlier this week, Mayor Of London, Sadiq Khan launched the world's first double decker Hydrogen powered bus, and pledged that from 2018 no more pure diesel double decker buses will be added to the capital’s fleet, and that all new single deckers for central London will be zero-emission vehicles.

Shell UK Retail Future Fuels Manager, Jane Lindsay-Green said: “We are pleased that Shell Beaconsfield received planning permission and are excited about the addition of hydrogen to the Shell UK network.

"It is another example of Shell’s commitment to providing low carbon fuels for the future and we hope will provide further encouragement to other stakeholders to support and invest in hydrogen.”

Beaconsfield Services is also the first UK Motorway service station to have a pub and held the record for having the largest petrol station when it opened in 2009. It also became the first motorway service station to have a branch of Nando's.