Locals and travellers were involved in a stand-off in Beaconsfield after residents tried to prevent caravans from parking on private land.

Wilton Park residents used their cars to form a barrier across the road on Monday night (May 22) to block access as a convoy began to make their home on the land.

Around 15 caravans were seen driving through the access gates off the A40 and across the football field before parking up on Wilton Park, which lies on a private estate with access limited by two lanes just off the main road.

Residents who could see them arrive got in their cars and formed a barrier across both lanes to stop more travellers from entering.

The entrance gates were eventually closed and the move prevented more travellers from joining those who had already arrived.

Neighbour Mike Taylor said no one was able to enter or leave, and the travellers - some of whom were forced to park outside the barrier - were arguing that there were pregnant women within their group who needed to go to hospital.

"I came home from work quite late and had to park my car on the grass because I wasn't allowed in," the 37-year-old engineer said. "I live there."

He added "It all got very confrontational. They were demanding the cars be moved.

"A large group of travellers started walking down and a confrontation started."

Security measures have now been stepped up and Mr Taylor added: "We feel like we're on lockdown at the moment."

"We have to prove who we are before we can get in and out of our homes.

"We have to have 24/7 security. This is Beaconsfield - this is unheard of. The world's gone mad."

Mr Taylor said this was a lesson for others to act on, and added: "The residents were all united which was lovely to see."

A spokesperson for Inland Homes, which owns Wilton Park, said: "We will take all necessary steps to remove them from the site and we hope that this matter will be resolved soon."