BUDDING scientist Beth Morrison, 16, is looking forward to coming back to study A Levels after getting nearly all As at GCSE at Beaconsfield High School.

She said: "I did really well, I can't believe I got nearly all As!

"I wasn't expecting to do as well - I'm going to study biology, maths, geography and chemistry at A Level.

"I'm off out for a meal with my family to celebrate first."

Helena Moody, 16, said: "I got half As and half Bs - I'm really pleased, I got what I wanted - especially in the sciences, which I'm not very good at."

Taylor Dangerfield, 16, said: "I got an A* in maths and biology, which I really pleased with and nine As in total.

"I'm off on holiday with my family to France now to relax."

Acting head Owain Johns said: "Yet again we were pleased to be passing on good news to our girls.

"Clearly there is apprehension beforehand but this is quickly replaced with the elation of such fantastic results.

"Our A*-B rate was an impressive 94 per cent, with our A*-A rate an equally impressive 70 per cent; all of our girls achieved results which enable them to stay on for sixth form."

He added: "Our thanks go to parents and teachers who have worked hard over the last five years to support the girls - such strong results come out of strong partnerships."

Over at Beaconsfield High School, head John Fletcher was delighted with how things went.

He said: "We've had some absolutely outstanding results, nine students got all A* and As and 27 per cent got all As and Bs, which we're really pleased with.

"It shows more students are accessing the higher grades.

"They've all worked incredibly hard."

Forty two per cent of pupils got A*-C including English and maths and 80 per cent got A*-C across the board.

Picture: Beth Morrison and Helena Moody, 16, from Beaconsfield High School