The men, whose identities are as yet unknown, entered the loading bay at Aylesbury Carriers Unit and took the keys to a Mercedes Sprinter van out of a filing cabinet.

They then proceeded to drive off with the van which contained £20,000 of electrical items.

The vehicle was later recovered in the Essex area with the electrical items missing.

This crime is one of the seven to take place in Buckinghamshire that are listed on Crimestoppers' most wanted list and are being searched for by West Midlands Police.

The other six crimes include an attempted armed robbery in Marlow, a violent robbery in Campbell Park in Milton Keynes and the glassing of a woman in Revolution Vodka Bar in Milton Keynes.

Cash in transit robbery

In each case the identity of the suspects are unknown.

There are currently 495 people on the Crimestoppers most wanted list. Offences range from relatively minor crimes such as the theft of a bicycle to people who are wanted on terror offences or for sexual offences against children.

It is up to each individual force to decide who they want to feature on the Crimestoppers most wanted list.

Each alleged criminal has a profile page on the Crimestoppers website in the hope that members of the public may recognise them and come forward to provide information.

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Crimestoppers most wanted list. Since launching in November 2005 12,524 appeals have been listed and 3,589 arrests made with 30,000 people visiting the site every month.

Revolution Vodka Bar glassing