A father from Amersham who crawled the London Marathon dressed as a gorilla has completed the mammoth challenge and raised nearly £40,000 for charity.

Tom Harrison, 41, who calls himself Mr Gorilla, took six-and-a-half days to crawl the 26.2-mile route on his hands and knees.

The father-of-two was raising money for The Gorilla Organisation and was supported by his two sons dressed as gorillas at finish line.

Conservationist Bill Oddie met Mr Harrison at the finish line on The Mall on Saturday (April 29) and presented him with his medal.

Mr Harrison, a Met Police officer who moved to Amersham in 2008, said he had only crawled a few laps his local park before starting.

He said: "It was a lot harder and slower than I anticipated, I had only done a few laps of Hervines Park before I started the crawl.

“I was happy to finish in the end, it has all caught up with me now because I was running off adrenaline for most of it."

Mr Harrison's two sons supported him along the way

The police officer, who got the fundraising idea after a trip to Uganda last year, said the crawl had some fantastic moments.

He added: "When I went past Canary Wharf College, 300 primary school children came out to cheer me on.

"The kids gave high-fives, shouted 'Mr Gorilla' and one even asked for an autograph.

"All the acts of kindness as well, people bringing drinks and stopping to support me, it really brought the good side out in people."

Mr Gorilla was supported by pupils from Canary Wharf Primary School

Mr Harrison set his sights on raising an initial £1,500 for the charity, but that target was quickly blown out of the water.

With the help of 2,137 supporters of his challenge, the brave crawler has now raised £38,118.

Since the Amersham resident completed the task, he has featured on national radio and was on BBC Breakfast on Monday (May 1).

The brave crawler was shown how its done by his cousin's daughter

However, Mr Gorilla is not planning on relaxing for too long, as he is entering Ride London in July, a 100-mile bike ride around the capital.

To help Mr Harrison raise for The Gorilla Organisation, go to his Just Giving page.