A teenager from Amersham had a Marvel-ous time interviewing the stars of Marvel’s latest superhero packed film Captain America: Civil War.

17-year-old Joe Stringer, who attends Amersham School and is a member of the Into Film Young Reporter programme, was whisked off to London where he came face-to-face with some of his favourite on-screen superhero characters, played by Robert Downey Jr, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Tom Holland and Emily Vancamp at the film’s press conference and red-carpet premiere.

The teen attended a preview screening of the new film to help him prepare his questions before interviewing the assemble cast and co-director Anthony Russo.

Joe Stringer, 17, from Amersham, interviewed the cast of Captain America: Civil War.

Speaking about his experience, Joe said: “After the anticipation of meeting all of them I was struck by how human they were and how funny they were. I thought it was funny how much he [Robert Downey Jr.] reflects the character he plays and him more than anyone how much he does feel elevated like this sort of celebrity character. It was quite an amazing experience after seeing him on the screen so many times, seeing him in real life was a really cool experience. Being so close to all of them was really, really cool.”

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Amongst the cast on the red carpet was Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr, who told Joe: “There’s always been a sibling rivalry between Cap [...tain America] and Tony, it’s just a really good piece of entertainment and what I really love is if you look at the poster, it’s about 12 characters deep, I don’t know how they’re keeping all these balls in the air!”

The teenager was given the opportunity through Into Film’s Young Reporter Programme, which enables young people with a passion for film to report from film industry events and interact with inspirational people whilst still in education.

Into Film Clubs are free for all state funded schools and non-school settings and offer free access to thousands of films and education resources about film and filmmaking for learning through and about film, as well as learning about the film industry and careers within it.

Joe Stringer, 17, from Amersham, interviewed the cast of Captain America: Civil War.