Amersham museum is undergoing a million pound renovation this winter, which will revolutionise the way the museum operates and interacts with the community.

The entrance to the medieval museum building, the oldest house in Amersham, is being completely reconstructed from glass, to allow people from the high street to benefit from the character and beauty of the property.

The museum has also purchased the adjoining Victorian cottage which will allow the building to become fully accessible, increase gallery space by 65 per cent, and create activity rooms for children and community events.

A sketch of the new glass entrance reception

The majority of the £1,012,177 price tag for this project has been raised already, with just £62,277 remaining.

The new glass entrance, which replaces an uninspiring modern brick entrance that users find cumbersome, will cost £91,677. The museum have decided to try a very 21st century solution to the funding gap of £4,127 - crowdfunding.

The project has been in the pipeline for many years and the neighbouring building was purchased three years ago but work could not begin until the money was raised.

An artist's vision for the first floor activity space

The museum was shut down in September and will open again to the public in Summer 2017.

Emily Toettcher, the museum's curator told us that the museum is a living part of the towns history and had 5,210 visitors last year.

"Although the old building is absolutely amazing, there are issues for visitors and we lack the proper storage facilities to maintain our collections.

"Being able to expand into the neighbouring building allows us to play a bigger role in the community as well as giving us a much greater presence on the High Street.

"This reimagining of Amersham Museum will let us create more engaging displays, archive the history of the surrounding areas and work closely with schools in a museum which has people's stories at the heart of it."